Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Monday, June 25, 2018

San Juan Island, Washington

We threw every thing in the car due to the pouring rain and drove out of town... I mean we left Canada.  Pretty crazy to drive over the boarder and we had lovely weather in San Juan Island.  Washington.  We got a hotel with breakfast and a pool.  We woke up early...again... (no sleeping in on this trip) and headed to the ferry.  We got to drive our car on and head to the island.  I love Washington.  I love it a lot.  The ferry ride was chilly.  but beautiful.  We got to explore the island for hours.  

We saw low tide, crabs, cool rocks and logs to climb on.  A light house ...or two!

I loved this tree that was on the island.  The red bark was beautiful.  Pacific Madrone.

We sat and watched in a famous spot for whales.  But we didn't see any jumping. and we weren't very patient.

We drove to a lovely old town with tons of old buildings.  Bocce ball was played. ice cream was eatin'. And then time to head back across the ferry.  The sun setting.  We drove to Rachels.  Slept a few hours and then woke up early to drive the 11 hours home.

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