Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Monday, February 20, 2017

Wisconsin- A little slice of Heaven

We were headed out to Minnesota to see Aunt Nellie marry Jordan so I decided to take the kids out of school early and stop in Wisconsin first.  Safra and I planned to meet there at her Grandparents cottage on Lake Wubesa.  Its just a dream of a place.  Its my third time going there.  My kids are great little helpers.  I loved sharing the trip and Wisconsin with them.  

Tired of snacks from flying all day (we had a grand layover! Abby rode the escalator up and down almost 100 times on our layover!) … we stopped and bought some real food and some icecream.  Then got a goodnights rest at the cottage.  I was happy to finally meet her son Orion.  Pretty fun I have still never met her husband!  I have talked to him many times, but considering they lived in Israel most of their married life I have yet to meet him!

It was an all out vacation.  Walks to the grocery store were frequent.  Cookies and milk mid day… ice cream for breakfast.  Candy in the cupboard all the time.  Safra even let me have a few hours to myself and took the kids to the local zoo.  I sat and read a book in the lawn chair over looking the lake.    We swam in the lake.  Took the canoe out a few times.  Watched a few movies.  Did a few art projects because Safra and I have always done art there.  We caught a few (dead floating) fish.  stepped in a little bird poop.  Went to lunch at a crazy fun place and rode their carousel!

We were pretty tired by the weeks end.  Ready to head up to Minnesota for the wedding.  I got a rental car and drove the short 4 hours to her place.  It was a great drive since the kids slept most of the way!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016

August was all over.  Actually the whole summer was a wild one… we were gone more than we were home.  But we tried to take advantage of the days we were home.  Yard work at my parents house with cousins …. they will be home in November we want things to look good.  

We spent an afternoon at 7 peeks water park.  Cousins… they make every thing better.  

My beautiful cousin Alyssa got married.  It was so beautiful.  An absolute dream reception.  

Aunt Linda is always so thoughtful to remember our birthday. We got together for cupcakes and games at her house.  

I love having my sister Jonnn around.  I stopped in one day and she made us some homemade tomato soup.  but it may have exploded a little bit… (all over that white tile… hmmmm)

And after a really crazy fun summer it was almost a relief to go back to school.  We were all ready for some routine again.  And just the chance to be home.  Tyler is in 5th grade. Ella is starting 3rd grade. Abby gets to go to preschool/joyschool.  

 Cousin Ely got to come stay for a week.  So even though school had started we kept on partying.  Splash parks are still so fun for this group.  I will be sad when they get to old for them!

These girls have spent so many hours together.  Journey, Ella, and Abby.  Great neighbhors.  
 And if Pam’s in town… we stop every thing to be with her.  But we didn’t have to stop much.  She helped me shuck corn from the garden.  We cut up watermelon from my garden and ate a lot.  Lots of good memories!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Draper Neighbor Mommy bike group

I had lived in Draper for two years and been slowly putting out my feelers to see who would come bike with me.  Amber L was the first to jump on.  I wasn’t sure she would come again after the first ride but she did!  Over the course of time we had a whole bunch of moms start to come.  We covered lots of different trails.  Red Potato Hill with Lacey, Amber Lisa and Natalie.

At the junction with Lisa, Natalie, Whitney, Brittney and Lacey

Great view from Anns at the tunnel with Brittney, Lisa, Natalie, and me.

We made it to the suspension bridge with Mischelle!  Vy came a few times.  Natalie and I made it to the flag one day in July when the flag as flying high over the canyon entrance.

And all our kids… we rotated between houses so the kids had big play dates while moms biked!
So nice to rice in September too!  Amber and Cassidy