Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ella 9 & Abby 4

My girls got to each celebrate their birthdays with two friends.  Abby chose to take Pepper and Gwen to the Children's museum.  We had ice-cream and presents to make it exciting.  Then after we were pretty excited to get to babysit Renee's kids for her, (we could just pretend it was a preplanned birthday celebration! WIN WIN!)  Ella planned an impromptu party for them all with games  like pin the tail on (something?). and snacks.  

Then that night we got to take Grandpa out to ice-cream ... Abby wanted the girls to all dress up fancy for her ice-cream family party date.  

Then on a fun weekend between Abbys birthday and Ella birthday we had a fun cousin sleep over.  Jenny had the boys at her house so we didn't have to worry about them!  The girls played and ate Spaghettios.  We had cupcakes and fun play time.  Getting lots of littles ready for bed was fun.  And Renee and Ben were at the hospital delivering baby Clara during the party!  The girls loved to dress up and play pretend.  Grace, Tessa and Ella were huge big girl helpers!  

Then on Ella's real birthday we had yummy breakfast cake. (3+6 =9)  Then after school she had 2 friends over to play.  They wrote up (several) schedules so they could do all the fun things they wanted to.  Victoria and Mia. (Mia's sister Zoe got to hang out with Abby, which we love!)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

March 2017

A couple of fun things happened this month.  Tyler got to do "Priesthood Preview" with these four boys.   They have been in scouts together for a while so I am glad they can keep moving on together.  Pretty crazy to think Tyler will be getting the priesthood and passing the sacrament.  He likes to wear his suit!

A typical morning at my house... early morning organ practice and Darren spinning.  Then Ella is in the background - a blur- practicing her flips.  Then we do piano and eat breakfast... not usually honeycomb- but out mornings are jammed packed with things.  So that when kids come home they can do other things.  

Abby is a little artist.  Just like Ella was at her age.  She likes to color, paint, draw, and create.

Abby got to go to the aquarium with some friends.  

Grandmas birthday.  Ella has been loving going to Spanish class taught by Grandma and Grandpa.  So after one class we had a lovely (american) mexican dinner so the kids could practice their Spanish.
Tyler got honored at NOVA graduation.  Its a program they do at school.  He had to do several extra projects to get the honor... but he did them, on his own!  He has a good group of boys he is going on to Union middle school with.  Spanish immersion has been a good thing for him!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Amy and Darren Time

Its good to take some time to be a person sometimes... not just a spouse and parents.  Darren got to go down to Moab for a day.  He got a new bike and needed to test it out.  Since it was too cold and wet up here, He and Matt B. headed down to warmer weather for the day.  

Sometimes he gets out for a nice ride in the evenings here in Draper, but not usually.... Usually its 5:30 AM and he gets to see the lights of the city.  

I got to go enjoy a nice ski day with friends.  Thanks to Renee for helping watch Abby for me.  Great day.  Just feeling alive!

But at the same time, It makes me very happy to till up my garden and get it ready for planting!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

16 year Anniversary- St George

It was pretty neat to think that 16 years prior we were on our honeymoon in St. George... and now... 16 years later, back... doing about the same things!  Biking, hiking, eating (we added climbing this time!)

We found some interesting climbs by the back side of the new airport.  Just to find them took about an hour!  But we got some great climbing in at Prophesy wall the next day.   (jus before the sun set!)   We did -Breaking the Sabbath and Sticky Revelations- first pitch

Darren wanted to ride a race called True Grit- 50 miles.  I got to cheer him on at different parts with the Larrabee family.  (Corey was also racing).  He sure liked racing on his new bike.
I met my friend Tawnie at a super cool park.  My kids will love going to see this park when we go back down there one day.  But of all the things I liked most about this trip was just having 4 hours to talk to Darren there and back.  That was pretty nice!

Prophecy Wall- Next time-
Harsh Reality
Mystic Dictator
Caging the zealot
Conditional Bliss
Past lives
Ship of fools

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017

February was good for riding bikes.  Abby started riding a big girl bike.  no training wheels.  If she could just get on the seat by her self and learn to use her brakes that would be good!  

Darren got a new bike… he had to sell three to get this one, but he sure loves it.  We also went on a fun snow shoe date with friends.  It was a beautiful night.

We ran up to the cabin for President Day weekend.  Games, puzzles and friends.  Baileys, Ang and Steve, and McBrides.  Tyler and Darren built a snow cave.  Too bad we didn’t have good gear or they could have kept outside.

Abby got to bring home Charlie T. Right.  CTR…. he helped her make good choices all week.

My mom did a super sharing program.  Everyone had different talents to share.  Jennys family did the cup song.  Abby sang We are going on a Bear Hunt, Tyler showed  a video of himself playing the organ.  Ella signed the ABC’s in sign language.  Fun night.