Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Break

Its crazy how sometimes I just forget to take pictures.  We had a magical Christmas break but only a few pictures to show for it.  We used a gift card one night and went to Sweet Burrito.  The girls loved their new hats and gloves from Grandpa/ma Balls.  We loved our walk through the downtown lights.  Especially when we got to the conference center and it was quiet and peaceful.  We had an amazing hour walking around.  

On Christmas Eve we had Seth, Linda and my parents over.  We had dinner.  Played games. Abby showed us the nativity. My Dad read the night before Christmas.  We watched a few videos.  Then hit the sack.  Darren and I went out for a late night walk with the lights around us glowing.  
The kids woke up to a happy Christmas morning.  Tyler had finished his Lego creation.  He has spent months working on it.  Its an amazing battle scene.  Darren and I let the kids who were happy at home.  We hike up to Lone Rock in the snow.  Great exercise. Great view.  Then we went to my parents house at 1:30 and had a feast.  My mom had the kids all participate in the nativity.  I love family time.  

Darren did get a new bike right before Christmas.  I had to smile as I was sorting through pictures in the computer.  There were quite a few of his new "girlfriend".  He will spend lots of time with her over the next few years.  

Saturday, December 23, 2017

December 2017

December was a great month.  Full of a lot of blessings and miracles.  The biggest on being that we are switching school to Draper.  No more schools in Sandy soon.  Starting in January Ella will be at Draper Elementary and Tyler will start mid January at Draper Park Middle School and Corner Canyon High School.  This will be amazing for our family.  Ella gets to stop Spanish for a little while.  She can pick it back up in Middle School.  Tyler will continue with his Spanish at the High School.  

A few fun pictures of Abby with a book Aunt Nellie gave us.  Abby also had a huge performance at her preschool.  I was grateful Darren and my parents could make it since I had to do some ski training.  

Ella also had a choir concert.  Last year I was pulled into helping conduct the choir a bit.  This year I was able to help from the sidelines.  Sarah Snowder, my good friend, did an amazing job.

Since Ella is moving schools we had a big party with all her friends from Silver Mesa.  They have all been together for years.  But a fun get together makes the parting ways easier.

My birthday weekend was a blast.  Lunch with neighborhood friends.  Big party at the Hyldahls.  Its fun to see those pictures every year as our families grown.  We also had a big party with the Larkins.  Place hacked up the IFA tower again this year.  

Darren is taking a bit of a break from biking.  He just climbs straight up mountains lately.  So a nice view from the top of somewhere in Corner Canyon!!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

California Day 5- Breakfast and Newport

An amazing vacation winding down.  What a dream of a trip.  Whitney and Jason treated us all to a character breakfast.  Buffet breakfast doesn't get much better than that.  I could have stayed forever.  

Jason took a moment to thank us all for coming to Whitneys 10th birthday party.  She wrote about it later.  I posted what he told us here.  It was very touching to have him express how grateful he is his wife is alive and well.  She is one of 120 people who made it.  As we left we ran into Santa Claus.  He was amazing.  Best ever.  What a treat.  

We all parted ways and some of us headed to the beach one more time.  The sounds of the beach are so amazing.  relaxing.  Soothing.  Some how my baby is getting older and acts it!  We got to stop at my favorite restaurant.  I could eat a Bonzai bowl every day.  The last two pictures were on our drive to the airport.  They mean we had a great exhausting trip. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

California Day 4 Disneyland/California Adventure

After the Hyatts house amazing breakfast we headed out again.  Such a fun day.  I loved the Tower of Terror ride.  What a fun drop.  Abby was a bit nervous after the fact.  I love that she is brave and wants to go on all the rides.  Abby got to meet a few princesses.  That was a highlight.  Ella loved them a lot more at her age but thats ok!

We all took another siesta nap late afternoon so we could ALL close down the park.  What a good time.  We finished out riding the Log Ride over and over and over again.  Abbys face expression the first time down was priceless.  But then of course she wanted to do it again and again.  I know it sounds crazy but two days wasn't enough this time.  We could have gone another day and still had more to see.  But we had enjoyed the time and not gone crazy.  We only used the stroller at night.  Abby passed out in it before we even got out of the park.