July 2014

July 2014

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tender Sweet Mom moments

I do love where I live.  I love the things I can do with my life. I have a very blessed good life.  The other day I walked into the church to teach scouts.  I had to stop as the light from the window was shining right on the Lord in Israel.  I have such a special place for Israel in my heart because Safra lived there for so long and because I got to travel and live there for 2 months.  I could count many times a day when I know and am shown the Lords love and his hand in my life.  Just the sunrises next to my house is a good start.

I do love that my children are growing up.  We have lots of adventures together... and I get to go on more adventures when they are other places.  I took them rock climbing.  Tyler is half way up the wall helping Abby to rappel down.  Tyler and Ella are doing so well with their climbing.  I also pulled a bunch of ladies together in my neighborhood who want to mnt bike ride but they just dont because they dont know the trails and they need a group to be safe...  Wednesday mornings. Such a highlight. I also started to run again.  I love to run.  But it doesn't love me so much.  I have started doing my physical therapy for my back at home again.  I figure if I do my therapy at home for 3-4 weeks and my back isn't better then I will go in to the doctor   I have been in pain for going on three weeks and it really dampens your day!
As my kids grown up on things I am so grateful for is that they do so well together.  Darren and i went to the temple one night and left them home alone   They put themselves to bed all in Tylers bed. Tyler and Ella take turns cuddling up with Abby on the couches.  We all love Abby's attention.  I thought it was the cutest thing one day when my girls and two other friends sat down on the bench and hid Tyler behind them so he could play hide and seek with friends.  (I thought they were just all being super cute and cozy)    And after school snacks on the lawn.  Abby so wants to be big like Tyler and Ella.  One day... One day..

Friday, May 13, 2016

Ella gets baptized

Ella Lynn got baptized on April 9th.  We had been talking about baptism for several weeks in Family Home Evening.  My little family is growing up.  Nellie braided her hair back so it wouldn't float up in the water.  Abby was fascinated by the whole thing.  She talks about getting baptized all the time and getting married.  

We had a wonderful feast afterwards with our family all there.  Pat and Seth with Ranell flying in.  Nolan, Corie and family .  Candace, Jared and Family.  Seth, Linda and Megan and family.

Since Nellie flew in from Minnesota we thought we better take the girls flower girl wedding dress shopping.  They just loved trying on big flowie flower girl dresses.  Nellie and i thought wearing high high HIGH heels was fun in the store.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cousin Time

We had a few outing with cousins in April.  Abby told me to take a picture of her and then she dictated the message she wanted me to send to Marshall.  It was something about like this... Marshall, I am already for your birthday party.  Corie and Nolans house has a very calm feeling about it.  I know she is a great decorator but its also just a feeling of peace.  

We also had Jonah, Everett and Marshall come stay at our house for a long weekend.  So fun, and not too hard!  The kids all play together.  It was a pretty cold weekend so we played inside most of the time.  But when 6 kids can mostly get themselves ready for bed on their own, its great for me!

We got to go to Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum with our cousin Megan.  Lots of exciting things to see.  Abby was relieved to know the dinosaurs were all dead.  We also got to check out story time at Wheeler Farm.  There are so many things I need to do with Abby that I used to do with Tyler and Ella.  We are getting there... slowly... mostly she just gets dragged around to whatever the two older ones are doing!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cabin for Spring Break

We had a lovely time up at the cabin for spring break.  We had big plans to travel outside of Utah but we needed to stick around so Ella could get baptized on Saturday.Things were lovely up there.  Still plenty of snow.  We started a nice fire and warmed the place up.  Cousin Seth came with us for the two days and helped around the place.  Our good friends the Snowders came up with us.  We played lots of games, puzzles, visited... It was such a nice weekend.  One of the best parts was that Darren came up every night after work and we got to see him.

The snow was so high that I could climb up on the mound of snow and look in the window and see   the living room  We went sledding with all the fun random clothes we could find up there   (my period button won't work so oh well!)|  We hiked around and saw the beaver dams.  We crossed the bridge and tromped around in the thicket.

It was two nights of fun but at some point Abby was bound to crash  She put her self to sleep in the chair quiet nicely.  Sarah and I didn't bring up much treats so when we pulled out the rice krispy treats   the kids were crowding.  Cara did try to watch some of the final basketball tournament up there. she spent some fun time hanging out by the closet to get better reception

We tried out the crazy swing up there.  With so much snow it wasn't too scary.  When we came back Abby wanted to climb in the dryer because she knew it would be warm.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Celebration month- March 2016

One of Abbys favorite things is to go to Story Time at the Library.  She loves her "Teacher" Ann.  And she love to sing the songs all week that she does there.  She loves to wonder what craft they will do that week.  They made a cute frog one week.  The tongue flipped out and was a hit.  Abby also gets to go shopping with Aunt Linda and I once a week.  We bought cookies one week and she wanted a carrot instead.  (she gets that from Darren!)
We enjoyed the Trafalaga Fun center one weekend.  Abby loved the Frog Hopper.  It drops you really fast up and down.  We also thought the rock climbing was fun.  Abby climbed higher then Journey and Ella.  

I have a picture of Tyler in the dryer when he was 2.  So when he climbed inside of it a few weeks ago at the age of 10 I had to get a picture again.  Tyler wrote down his favorite things from the past year at school.  A couple of my favorite were...
9. I hiked Angels Landing
8 I rode 15 miles on my bike
6. I joined the track team
1. I learned organ
He had some fun times at the U of U medical classes he attended with friends and cousins.  The last class was pretty cool with some fun dissecting going on.  They boys were starving and quiet as they filled their bellies when they got to my house.
We gad a great time with cousins at Jennys hotel pool.  We are so excited she is moving down here.