Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Christmas all together 2016

We loved Christmas this year.  What a special year with so much family around.  We walked to the Draper Tree of Life with Rachel and her family.  Such a beautiful evening.  Cold! I love working at the climbing gym, Momentum.  I get to take family in and let the experience something fun and new.  I wish my girls liked it as much as I do.    

Christmas Eve was everything I could have asked for.  Pat and Seth were there.  and my family.  It was perfect.  We shared a talent and my mom was in charge of the nativity.  Then the highlight was the Christmas stockings.  My kids were so excited to open them.  They had missed it the year before when my parents were in Mexico.

Christmas morning was happy.  A hand me down doll house was such a hit.  Abby loved it.  Her hippo tent and reading books.  Tyler got a little Sphero remote control thing.  Ella got a ticket to visit cousin Sophie in Florida for spring break.  

Ella jumped right into one of her games.  She loved the headband game and made sure her Daddy would play it!  It seemed pretty funny to have Abby love the basketball box “a crunching munching mouth” as much as the other gifts!  Ella loved her new room we got to decorate!

Then we also got to go to a Hatch family party.  Aunt LaDeen and Uncle Larry sure knew how to have a party with good food and company.

We enjoyed a fun day sledding.  So much family time.  Even cuddling up in front of the TV after sledding.  I couldn’t enjoy the holidays more.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

January 2017

January- A new year… 

We got to see cousin Jonah baptized.  We traveled to Logan to let Darren and Tyler go on a scout campout.  We enjoyed a few days at Grandma Balls.  We got a new President- Trump.  A fun night with Ang’s parents and games was happy for my heart.  

Darren got some great back country skiing in.  We went on a date and came home to kids all in our bed… we were thrilled we didn’t have to get a babysitter!  They did it without us.  

Ella got to have a fun party with her dear friend Victoria.  They are all dancer girls so it was perfect to do flips and tricks at Airborne.  

Tyler has the 5th grade ski pass.  So lots of free skiing this year.  This was their first outing.  A bunch of kids headed up for the day with no kids.  

A fun preschool activity to make shapes with sticks.  A relaxing day at home with the kids.  reading books, doing homework on the iPad ,and breathing.  We dont have much down time for relaxing!

Darren and I got to spend one day up skiing. No kids.  a bit refreshing and relaxing… and exhausting! 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

December 2016

December:  We got to see the lights at temple square.  It was a cold night!  

Tyler still is so creative with his legos.  Its amazing to see his creations.  He also got to go to a fun birthday party.  They had to try baby food, different yucky drinks, and gross food.  Fear Factor!  There might have been a little gagging and rolling on the ground.  

I had my 37th birthday.  It was a quiet day, just like I would have wanted it.  Sweet cousin Julie Rupp brought me Great Harvest Bread.  So happy!  We also had a Christmas Party with some good friends. on top of a tall tower was one of the night events.  We celebrated with my kiddos.
  Abby continues to grow up.  She likes to get her own chocolate milk … if I dont get it fast enough.  She gives Tyler double hugs.  He loves them!  She still loves her joy school.  A very fun Christmas party.  

Darren got a few good ski mornings.  We grilled a few yummy things in the winter.  I liked Darrens fork stuck in the snow.  We had a fun friends night with good company.  

Abby and I hang out a lot.  skating. building snowmen. We also got to go to the fun childrens museum downtown.  And then Spanish class with Grandpa and Grandma at Candaces house.  We love the time with them.  

We enjoyed a day out on the ski slopes.  Kids were so happy on the way up.  They got to see Santa.  Then the exhaustion set in.  And on the way home, everyone was a bit more tired!