Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tyler's wreck

 Tyler and Darren headed to the bike park one night. They decided it would be a quick trip and just put on Tyler's regular helmet instead of his full face helmet. They were practicing some jumps when he crashed. I came home from a meeting to see Tyler pretty banged up.  He lost one tooth and has some pretty good scars. We're still recovering from the damage to his teeth. He had terrible pain for about two months before we realized that his canine had cracked all the way through. After a root canal and taking off all of his braces and planning to get a crown on in the future… I think we're finally recovered from the bike wreck. 

Nellie and Jordan in town

So fun to have Aunt Nelly and Jordan come to Utah. We sure tried to pack as much as we could in. Since I work at momentum we got everybody in to practice climbing. I told Seth to be open to the idea of climbing because he shot it down at first thought. But we were pretty happy  when he got on the wall and climbed 

We took some paddle boards out to a little lake in Alpine. It's fun to see my kids grow up and do cool things

Corie hosted us for a wonderful dinner. She's always so good.  The kids made up a play with tricks for us to watch. And we played some fun games. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer Hikes- Lake Blanche

 Lake Blanche has been on my list for a long time. This is the third time I've tried to make it to the lake. We had no idea it would be so steep and so hard. We had a great group including my parents and a bunch of Rupp kids. Candace's kids came and we met Amber Larrabee's family there.  Definitely one of my favorite destinations at the top. The day wasn't too hot which made it doable 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Whistler, BC, Canada Day 1

Darren and Tyler took off with the Hyldahls and LaRivieres.  Some of the Outlaw bike team was there too.  A full day of riding is exhausting but fun!

Since I had hurt my arm and shoulder from overuse/tendinitis I didn't do any riding this trip.  I took kids for hikes so I could see some amazing stuff.  Its beautiful- around every corner is beautiful.  

 We got to the lake and soaked our feet.  The lake color was beautiful.  We could have stayed forever but we knew kids were tried and had to get back.

We stopped at the Olympic Park on the way back to our camp sight.  I am positive that one or more of the kids from these families will be an Olympian one day.  

We had some quiet time to play at our amazing camp sight.  It just cant get better than this!

Next time we go to Whistler look up these things:

Riverside Yurt North of Whistler

Hike Gabaldi Lake- 13 mies round trip

Alpha park in vancouver

Lynn canyon suspension bridge- cliff jumping.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Seattle 2017

This trip was supposed to be a celebration for Darren and Rob turning 40... at least that was the excuse.  But really it was just a bunch of friends taking all their kids up to Whistler Canada to downhill bike.  We had a long but good drive up to Seattle.  I woke up really early to meet my friend Neti half way between Tacoma and Seattle.  It was a lovely carb overload... and a spectacular visit.

Rachel and Rob were amazing hosts.  Sometime in the night all our friends trickled in.  Their driveway was completely full of cars by morning.  Someone got more sleep then others.  Her house was filled with thousands of dollars of bikes.  

We were excited to see Ely and meet his new puppy.  He always comes to visit us so it was nice to visit him.  He let the kids sleep in his new bed.  Thanks buddy!  In the morning we walked down the Alki beach which is right next to their house.  Bikes on the beach with a little football.  Abby just liked how the sand felt on her face.  It was warm too!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Darren biking summer 2017

I dont usually see these pictures until they pop up on the computer.  But I am glad Darren usually takes a picture or two of the beautiful places he bikes.  

Draper views

Wasatch Forest

Up by Alta ski area.  Doing reconnaissance for the scout 50 miler backpacking trip.  They needed to find out how much snow was up there.  They even found a ski.  but they hiked about 4 miles carrying the bike over their shoulders.  

Sundance Resort/Alpine