Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, February 10, 2019

January 2019

January 2019 came and went and I think I worked more than I ever have.  I had a crazy first month of being the Head Coach of the Sundance Maverick team.  Lots of work to get 100+ kids and 20+ coaches organized.  I was also testing for Canyons School District all the special needs kids.  And I really tried to still be a good mom.  After my first weekend with Sundance I took a hot bath and Darren took the kids out for the evening.  It was really nice!

Ella had her first ski race at Snowbird.  Darren got to cheer her on.  She got 10th out of like 20+ girls so we were excited.  She is on the end of this picture with a turquoise coat and purple pants.  Tyler also had his first Soda League race and was awesome.  We didn't stay and see how he did but we had a good time!

We had our friend Mila over to teach us how to make cakes.  My cousins the Rupp's came.  It was so much fun.  And a yummy cake to eat after!  Then the next weekend Tyler made another cake on his own.  There was some extra so Ella decorated one also.  

 Tyler loves affection.  Ella is nice and gives him loves.  Abby.... we are still working on that!
 Ella had her first tumbling meet.  She got two 2nd places and an 8th place.  She is quite an athlete.  We still work hard on school since that comes a bit slower for her. 

We did try to go skiing on Martin Luther King Weekend.  It would have been amazing but the traffic was terrible.  The roads were horrible.  So glad we got to turn around and go home.  

Monday, December 31, 2018

At the Cabin for the New Year

We spent the weekend before New Years up at the cabin.  The Harston family was there for a few days.  Then they left.  Then we had a quiet Sunday with just our little family.  Then we had friends show up for a day or two. Darren hiked a mountain and saw some amazing views.  Then he skied down.  We got in some snowshoeing.  We had good fun and lots of games.  The temps were between 0 and 20 degrees but we bundled up and were ok.  Hiking up a hill over and over to sled back down keeps you warm!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

December 2018

I loved December.  We literally made the gingerbread houses.  We found a recipe, cut the templates, baked them, assembled them and then decorated them.  The kids had a 10-15$ budget for the treats to decorate it with.  It was so fun how it took several days to do instead of an hour.  We also had a little elf come visit every night.  Tyler was an amazing elf helper....  The kids and Darren made a massive snowman one snowy Sunday.  He was amazing... even as he melted away.

We skied a lot getting ready for Sundance Ski team/ Mavericks to start.  Ella keeps growing up.  Its kind of amazing!  She works so hard on her school work and her tumbling.  Tyler  practiced like a mad man, committed and unwavering.  He played the final song for his piano recital.  best for last!  He also got to pay with 20 other students in the "Honor Recital" where the best students perform together.  So fun to have Nolans boys there.