Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July 2018

Tyler shows his smile off pre braces.  See you in two years teeth.  

I convinced Ang and Katie to go rappel Rocky Mouth Waterfall with me.  It was short and easy and I shouldn't' have done it with a sprained ankle but I tend to forget about those details.  

We said good bye to our sand box and playground.  We are growing up and moving on to different things.  (oh and our neighbor has one that we play at all the time) . When its 100 degrees outside we hang out inside doing fun crafts.  Thanks Aunt Rachel.  Ella got heat rash over her body on day.

Draren went on a few bike rides with his girls.  We enjoyed 7/11 free slurpies.  Captain Crunch flavor was beyond gross.  It was exactly like captain crunch!

We celebrated Darren 41st bday.  His parents came down to celebrate.  Ella got to be in the Draper Days Parade.  Her hands hurt by the end doing to many flips and tricks on the road.  Next year.... gloves! Friend Thor got to hang out with us and he loved the candy.  Tyler and Syd went biking with Darren.  Ella and friends walked over to Draper Days festivities a few times.  Its crazy how big she is getting.  

A beautiful Sunday walk/hike in the mountains.  The flowers were beautiful.  The family time was awesome.

Tyler ... waiting by the window for Aunt Jenny to come so they can go do baptisms with Isaac.  Angenette "Neti" call came in town.  We hiked up to Rocky Mouth waterfall to check it out.  

Rock Climbing at the slips with the Larrabees.  Tylers first multi Pitch climb.  I was so proud of Abby for getting up there!

Tyler has been riding a lot with Darren.  I love it.  I love the time they spend together and the connection they can have through it.  

Daddy daughter date.  Abby didnt' care that cousins were over. She was so excited to have her dad all to her self.  She wanted Wendys because Grandma balls took here there once.  Darren showed her how to dip french fries into her frosty.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Harston Family Summer 2018

So many fun things while family was in town.  Candace blessed her new baby.  Legos and dinner after church.  
Cabin for a few days with everyone.  We did a fun run with lots of our family participating.  

The boys and Grandpa helped put in a zip line.  Darren was exhausted afterwards.  4th of July Parade.  We stood in a terrible spot and the kids were super disappointed with the lack of candy!

The girls sang a song for Grandmas play.  Then the boys put on the play of Nephi and his brothers.

Everyone left and a bunch of kids and I stayed for an extra days.  We had a great day and night playing and relaxing.  We also hit up the Gale Center of History and Culture.  We may have overstayed our welcome at the small free museum but the kids loved it.