Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Saturday, June 30, 2018

June 2018

June was a great month.  School finished and we were so excited to start school.  Tyler had a big recital for the Piano Place.  He tried out for the Honor Recital and only 20 of the best kids made it.  It was fun to be under the stars and under the trees as kids sang, played and strummed.  

Abby and I still spend a lot of time together.  She loves Ellas friends when she can be with them but she loves her mom the most!  I love her freckles, her hair is thick and nice and she gives great hugs and smiles.  She is a natural athlete.  She loves to climb and is very brave.  

Ella and Grace got to go to Millhollow Summer camp.  3 days with no parents is pretty big stuff.  They loved having it together and its so good for Ella to have to go be independent.  

Tyler climbed The Phifferhorn while Darren and I were in Phili.  Great scout leaders.  Again... so great for Tyler to do hard things without his dad or I there.  They planned for good weather so didn't take tents but some rain snuck in.  They got to learn how to make a tent with a tarp.

Abby gets tired.  She is amazing that she can come tell me shes tired and tells me she needs a nap.  In this instance, the house got really quiet and I started looking for her.  She was sleeping in her bed in the room she had just cleaned up.  Abby also graduated from her online preschool. Waterford Rusty and Rosie.  Best preschool ever and its free.  She and I got to stop at the church history museum downtown while we were waiting for graduation.  

We had the Rivers over for dinner one night.  Silly kids all got on their phones . until I called them out on it.  So they pretended to go to sleep instead.  We took a fun summer hike with the Larrabees, Allens and some Rupp kids.  Lisa Falls and the old Mill on the LCC trail.  McKay found a tunnel under the old mill that lots of kids crawled into.

Fathers day was good.  We cleaned the house for Darren so he knew we loved it.  The girls did a cute card in primary.  Some of the answers made me smile!  Ella said... When my dad comes home from work he ...cleans even more.  And our magnolia tree bloomed.  It was a beautiful flower.

Darren did some running and biking up in the mountains.  Along with painting the garage.  I was his side kick but he did most of the work.  Its beautiful.  Now we just need the lockers and the shelves to make it look finished.

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