Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Harston cousins

We did a lot of activities while my brothers family was here.  
Here are a few. In no certain order- just lots of fun events. 

 My nephew Seth learned to ride a bike. We all took turns going on rides with him

We spent three days at the cabin.  One day we went into the Uintas to Mirror lake. Uncle Ben jumped in the freezing cold lake.  We took canoes but the wind was so strong that when Tyler, Ella and I tried to turn around and head back to our picnic spot we couldn't. We had to dock the boat at the opposite end of the lake and walk back. Then Ben, Chad and Seth went and got the boat.  Thanks guys!

We went camping at City of Rocks in Idaho.  City is such a great place to go play around with kids. 

The kids played and invented stories all day on the rocks.

We went rock climbing twice.  Tyler and Ella did so well!

My Dad even went up the wall. 

The cabin time was priceless.  Relaxing.  Food and fun.  
The s'mores and songs were wonderful. 

Tessa got mallows all over her!

Ben, Ruth, Spencer, and Seth

Dad, Ruth, Sophie

My brothers family only eats healthy food (for the most part).  Here Chad cooks a banana and his son makes a s'more.  It was a good laugh. 

Everyone loves the swing. 

Chad and baby Soren

We went to City Creek one night.  Lots of fun cousins. 
Tessa, Jordan, Tyler, Michael, Ella, Beth Spencer, Ruth, Sophie

Ella is in love with Rapunzel right now.  So she and Sophie dressed up every chance they got.  See the pretty flowers in their hair, just like Rupunzel.  And notice the jumprope hanging out of Sophies dress. It drags on the ground like long hair.  At City Creek Ella say a real Rupunzel hair and spent every penny she had on it. 

After city of rocks the girls got cute little slippers from my neighbor.  We laughed looking at them in princess attire with banged up knees/legs.  
Now they are back in Kentucky and Rachel and Jenny's families are here.  
Next week... whit and Jack come with Aunt Nellie.  


Corie said...

LOVE the picture of Ella on the swing! I'm glad you are having a fun summer. Cousin time is great!

Rachel said...

nice daytime shots around the fire. sweet what D wrote about you :)