Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Things to remember

I finally got under two hours in a marathon.  I ran the Hobbler Half in Springville with Amber Hansen, Angela Isaacs, and Katie Beasley.  Ang had to push me at the end of the race.  My knee seems to act up on mile 10/11 every race.  And I had forgotten my food in the car and was running on empty.  But I finished.  Chip time. 1:57:23.  Glad I PR'ed it.  Under two hours... finally!

Also, Darren had to do a spotlight on me for the RS monthly newsletter.  I want to remember what he wrote.

The first thing that comes to mind when describing Amy is selfless.  Amy is always thinking of other and doing her best to help others feel loved and included.  She has developed a love of cooking and has become quite good at it. She loves food and eating and has an appetite for all different kinds (except fish).  Amy enjoys being outside and finds it refreshing to work in and improve her yard.  She enjoys traveling and has been to six of the seven continents.  She enjoys cycling, mountaineering, rock climbing, and camping with her family.  Last year she had the opportunity to climb Mnt Rainier.  Amy graduated from Utah State with a dual major in Elementary Ed. and Special Ed.  She taught for 3 years and now enjoys teaching her children at home.

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