Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anniversary Weekend- 11 years

After church today we walked to the park.  It was one of those times when your happy and your family is happy.  One of those times you feel lots of joy in your heart.  

We took Ella's butterfly kite and enjoyed the spring winds. 

 One of my favorite things to watch is Darren playing with his kids.  Tyler loves to give hugs and was giving his dad a great big one  (Tyler has his hood on)
 Ella on the other hand was climbing all over her dad being a monkey.
This weekend Corie and Nolan took our kids so we could enjoy our anniversary weekend.  
It was a refreshing weekend, a stay-cation. 
We went for a long walk every day. We ate great food.  We went skiing then came home and went biking. We stayed up late watching loud movies. We slept in until 7:30.  (sad but true) 
But mostly Darren just gave me time and attention.  Two things I like the most. 
It's surprising how fast 11 years go by. 

Then we walked home--- well the kids rolled part way home down the big hill.  
It was a great weekend.  


pat balls said...

Glad you had a good anniversary. They are special and full of good memories.

Rachel said...

yay :) nice.