Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Water day with cousins

After a few days at the cabin, we came back down to the valley. The kids all came to our house to play with water stuff in the back yard.

This is all the grandkids minus Ely in WA and Seth. There are two more babies on the way also. Very exciting!
These boys can sure have a LOT of fun together! Isaac (Jenny's son), Tyler, Tessa (Candace's girl), Spencer (Chads son). There are 5 boys that are all about the same age. There are 5 girls next. Then 2 small boys. Then we start over with one girl...
Grace (Jenny's daughter)

Spencer, Tyler, Michael (Candace's son)
Tessa (Candace's daughter)
Jordan (Candace's son)
Sophie (Chad's daughter)
We popped popcorn. Drew with chalk. Splashed in chalk. Had a great time.


Rachel said...

no need to pay admission to a water park. it looks like such a fun time in your backyard. love it!!

TnT Forever said...

It's so fun for me to see your sibling's kid's! They look like they had a great time in your backyard and I'm sure the cabin was a blast to go to:)

Corie said...

Cousins galore! I'm glad you have had some great family time recently. Tyler and Ella look like they had a blast. I especially loved the princess party. Who would have thought Darren's daughter would be a little princess? :) We love your cute kids. (By the way, when are we babysitting??) Good luck this weekend at Rainier! We'll be thinking about you!