Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A few great days

These pictures aren't great quality from my iPhone- but they depict truly happy quality time!

Monday Darren had work off for Pioneer Day. The day ended so wonderful. We had a gift card from my parents for dinner at Chili's. Nothing is better than not cooking and getting a great dinner for free at a good restaurant. Then Darren's work had given us tickets to the Utah Bees baseball game. The kids loved the game. We had all picked out a treat from the store to eat at the game. Ella was buzzing with sugar energy. She was super dooper happy! The fireworks show was the best I have ever seen- hands down! Then as we got up to head home, Ella was asleep on Darren's shoulder within MINUTES! Sugar/exhausted crash. It was one of those happy family moments that makes the tough ones worth it.
This is a picture of a great hike we went on to Willow Lake up Big Cottonwood. Two years ago Darren took this same picture with a moose in it. The moose proceeded to chase us down the trail for about a mile... This time- it was peaceful, quiet, and absolutely beautiful.

Today we went on another hike to Days Fork area up Big Cottonwood. Again, so peaceful, quiet, beautiful. (some tired voices from the 3 years olds in the party, but over all wonderful)
I have a good life, a very good life.