Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Monday, July 25, 2011

A relaxing weekend away- Bear Lake

My little family went away for 3 days. We had a great time!

Thursday Darren got to take the kids to swim lessons. They got to show off for their Dad! Then home to jump in the car and drive to Logan. We had a nice lunch with Grandpa/ma Balls. Darren got to watch a stage of the Tour de France. Then back on the road to head over the canyon to Bear Lake.

We went straight to the beach. Played for two hours. Then set up our tent back at our site. I love camping and sleeping next to my kids at night. I also love the big tent we have that fits a blow up mattress for Darren and I to sleep on!

Friday- we headed to Rendevous Beach to spend the whole day. The lake is so high, this was the only sandy spot there was. Pat and Seth came over for the day with some yummy KFC to eat! I love greasy chicken!

The kids built a castle with a mote with their Dad.
At this point, Darren had already ridden his rode bike around the lake. He had donned his wetsuit and swam Thursday and Friday. He has a big race this weekend and in 4 weeks.
They played together all day.
I got my chance to sit and relax. This is what I did for a good 2 hours! Just sit, munch on snacks, and read a good book.
Tyler still loves his diggers. He sits on this big one and pretends to run it.
Friday night we had the delicious shakes from La Beaus. Darren got the classic raspberry which Bear Lake is famous for.

Saturday we did a short mnt bike ride with the four of us in Logan Canyon. Nolan and Corie were up for the weekend to celebrate their upcoming birthdays. I do wish I had taken at least one photo of us all. We ate at Chuck-a-Rama. An all you can eat buffet. And I ate enough carbs to last me a year. It was wonderful!

We stopped by Rob and Rowie's place to see poor Rob with a broken femur. He has a rod in his leg after a small but painful crash on his mnt bike.

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Angenette said...

Raspberry shakes from Le Beaus? I just missed utah for the first time since moving away.