Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July is almost over... where did the time go!

A few highlights of our month that didn't get put into other posts.

Darren had a birthday. He turned the big 34 on July 12th. We had to celebrate a few days early because I was leaving for Mnt Rainier on his birthday. I made him a yummy strawberry pie, thanks to the amazing website of bestbites. (Dont look at the website unless you feel like eating wonderful good food)
Tyler discovered he can cook on his own. He made chocolate chip cookies on his own. He followed the recipe, measured the ingredients and ate plenty of cookie dough!
The day after this picture was taken, I was doing something with Ella on the computer... he yelled down the stairs to me "Mom, I need 1/4 CUP of salt. Can you help me measure that?"

That caught my attention. What was he doing cooking and what recipe needs a 1/4 cup of salt? Can you guess? He had gone in my recipe box under the tab snacks (he was hungry) and had found a recipe for play dough. He assumed it was edible play dough and was just mixing it up!

Ella hit her head over the 4th of July weekend on a coffee table at my parents place. It was nice to have lots of medical experts on hand! But we have a scar. I will be ever so vigilant to cover it with sunscreen and hats for a very long time. I don't want her to have a big scar on her forehead forever.


k8theriver said...

tyler can bake!? i guess that's what lots of exposure does.
i haven't even made chocolate chip cookies before.

Ang said...

Me either Katie. Except at Amy's house, but I don't really make them just add things to the mix here and there.

Jenny Allen said...

That is crazy impressive. way to go tyler!

Rachel said...

wow. tyler is so smart. and ella will be beautiful even with a little scar.