Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wheeler Peak 13,063- Nevada

Wheeler Peak - over 13,000 feet. We hiked the through the trees on the bottom right, up to the saddle on the top right. Then along the ridge . We got to just past the center of the picture on the ridge line. Right before it climbs to the top summit. You can see the line of black rocks coming up at the top.
Well. I am climbing Mnt Rainer in Washington in July. This was a required peak to help in our training. I will state now.... we didn't summit. Here is the short story.

9:00 pm- leave from Provo with friend Andy Howell
12:30 am arrive at Great Basin National Park in Nevada
1:15 am - start hiking
2:15 am- wind increasing- we comment how the wind is kind of annoying
3:15 am- wind and ice increasing- switching from crampons to snowshoes as we climb up the ridge. Wind is increasing in speed. The estimated winds at the bottom of the peak were supposed to be 23 mph.
4:15 am- see the summit ahead of us. Have to cross a narrow saddle to reach the push of 1,000 feet to the top. The wind is so strong we cant even stand up straight. (Andy estimated the winds over 40 mph) On either side we have solid ice dropping for ever. If we had slipped with that horrible wind trying to push us over it would have been very difficult to self arrest (stop ourselves) with our ice axes.
4:16 am- we turn around 1,000 feet from the top.

As we head down I mention to Andy how strongly I felt we needed to turn around. My whole soul was saying TURN AROUND! Andy commented the same thing. We both said it was an instant relief as we turned around. I am glad we listened to the feeling inside.

Finally got back to the bottom. Feeling good about our attempt.

Sang loud songs the whole way home, trying to keep our selves awake. Stopped in Delta Utah for a wonderful cinnamon roll.

The End


Angenette said...

Hey, you're coming to WA in July?

Corie said...

Phew! I also am glad you listened to that prompting and turned around! Sounds like it could've ended very differently. I'm glad you're getting to enjoy so many hobbies and things for your fulfillment right now. You're one tough woman!

Rachel said...

adventure nonetheless