Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Friday, January 14, 2011

Do you know how to...

Do you know how to get gum out of hair?

We so graciously thought we should teach you all how to today. For my lovely model I have Ms. Ella. I apoligize for her lack of smiles in the photo. All she could say was, I want the gum in my mouth mom, not in my hair.

1. Don't cut the hair off
2. Oil or peanut butter work great. We used vegetable oil since it is less messy than peanut butter.
3. Rub the oil into the hair
4. Slowly pull tangled hairs away from the gum. Use a comb to get out any little bits
5. Take a bath and wash your hair
6. Dont let your two year old eat the gum after it has hair and oil in it. Even if they beg you.


Tina said...

She still looks so cute in that picture. Thanks for the tips. I'm sure I will need to use them one of these days. :)

Mary said...

Love it!!! I've had this happen too many times to count. Even once with my hair, from Ben who was taking a nap with me. Now we check for gum, before any sleeping time.

Lindsay said...

So funny, Amy! Cute Ella!

Jessica said...

Your are brave to give your kids gum, Aidyn didn't get gum until she was four.

Rachel said...

highlarious! i knew this post was going to be good as soon as i started reading it.