Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Saturday, October 7, 2017

24 hours in Moab

Fun and Crazy friends who like an adventure.  24 hours in Moab.  

Razor ride to Poison Spider.  Followed by a late night Thai Dinner

Hike through Bootleg Tunnel- train tunnel... dark, musky, and exciting!  I was way overdressed.
Next morning Darren and Kevin went for a long run.  We all slept in.  

Then drove to Morning Glory Arch Rappel.  So exciting.  Most the group were first timers to Canyoneering!  We dropped into the Medieval Chamber and then walked around the corner to Morning Glory Arch in Negro Bill Canyon.  I was the last one to drop the arch so I chose to do a weighted rappel on the arch with a girl who was helping a group by us.  pretty exciting.  And what a beautiful canyon to hike out of. 

We grabbed some lunch and took of to the river.   We met another nice girl who let us join her in her Duckie.  We paddle boarded down the Colorado. Good thing there were some rapids to keep it exciting!  plenty of excitement.  We cleaned up, grabbed some ice cream and headed back to Draper.  Action packed 24 hours!


Amy, I'm not trying to push you out as cruise director. I promise. Just sending out a rough draft itinerary for "24 Hours of Moab".  I admit this might be a little ambitious, even for this group, but hey, why not go for it and see what happens:

Leave around 1ish in Friday. Lunch in car.  Should get there by 4:30.

1:  Razor ride on Poison Spyder


2:  Hike through 1.7 mile bootlegger tunnel. It is possible this is illegal, but will definitely be fun...so it's a no brainer.

3:  Night Bike Ride - Lots of options, depends on time.

4: Hot tub

5:  If you are feeling it and have the energy, insert  with spouse here. If not, proceed to 6.

6:  Sleep

7:  Again, if it's your weekend insert with spouse here. If not, proceed to 8.

8:  10 mile fun run. I'm thinking the first leg of the Moab Trail Marathon. We would need to go early. Like 5:45 or 6:00 departure.  Should take 2.5 hrs.

9:  Rappel. This is a double rappel into Negro Bill canyon, one of which is a free hang rappel (sorry if this is not correct climbing jargon, that's all I got). 1.5 mile hike out.

10: Lunch

11:  Paddle board Rocky Rapids on Colorado.  If not we can hike  or something else. We could do just a short stretch of the river and just take turns so we don't need 8 paddle boards. Or we could double up. It could be as short as a 15 minute ride.

Pack up and head home, hopefully on the road by 5 or 6. Home by 9ish.

This is a starter. Everyone chime in. Anyone can do any of it or all of it.  Pick and choose. And delete or add. Will everyone confirm they're coming.

Park at Fins and Things hike 2 miles to Medieval Chamber to Morning Glory Arch. Hike out 2 miles through Negro Bill Canyon/Grandstaff canyon

A tree on the left can provide a good anchor. Bring plenty of webbing, it is a ways back from the edge. If rapping from webbing extended to the edge, a 60 m ( 197 ft. ) rope is enough.

2 rappels (95ft, 120ft)

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