Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Harston Cousin time and Family Reunion

Every January I print this blog into a book.  Its a journal, a scrapbook and my reminder book all in one. So I put a million pictures in because I want to remember all the fun memories!

This post... yet again... a million pictures!
Briggs/Harston Family reunion.  
We finally go to see our Chad and Jeana Harston cousin.  so much fun!
We hope to make it to Lexington one day to see them.  
Seth is such a fun cousin. He is 8 years older than anyone else but they all love him and he plays with them.  Even a room full of girls.  Thats how cool he is!

Seth is my oldest nephew.  Hard to believe he is of dating age!

We did a few fun activities together like 7 peaks water park and story time at the library as princesses. 

Then we all headed up to the cabin to enjoy 3 nights of family time.  As we pulled in the kids jumped out and I sat in the car and quickly fed Abby.  It was a sweet memory as I saw Tessa run out and sit with Ella on the bench and play guitar together.  Then boys starting running out of the cabin and ran down to the playground together.  The cabin is such a great place.  I am glad we can make memories there.
Aunt Jenny suggested a family talent night.  We had musical numbers, headstands, books read, flips over bars, ... all kinds of fun things.  I had everyone relax, lay down , whatever, and taught them how they can fall asleep faster.  Hypnobirthing... love it!  I can make myself fall asleep in minutes.

My mother has had my brothers lizard in storage for 20 years.  I remember as a little girl this lizard scaring me.  Chad said the winner of the talent show got the lizard... or my mom was going to throw it out.  Ella made sure Uncle Chad knew that she did two talents - read a book to everyone and play the guitar, so she should get the lizard.  He said- oh yes... of course you should get it.  So now we have a huge dead stuffed lizard sitting around my house. 
It was also my husbands 36th birthday.  I would want candy and sweets.  He would choose fruit.  so we had fruit pizzas.  He actually left the next day and went and rode the Crusher race.  50+ miles of mnt bike and road trails.  6 hours of riding.  Oh fun!

We went for a hike to the rock fall.  And Grandpa brought a rope to lower us into a cave he had found. Pretty neat!
The hike was long and hot and hard for little legs so we promised them smores and slip and slide when we got back.  The kids were all of a sudden not so tired when we got home!  The water was freezing.  nice cold spring water from the mountains. But I dont think the kids minded.

These pictures will be shown for Spencers, Jordans, Isaacs, and Tylers wedding video.  The caption for Jordans video will say... wait let me take my shirt off first.... therefore in the first picture he has a shirt pulled up and the second photo he has no shirt on!  BOYS!!!

Jenny and Eric hauled their new jet skis down.  Oh my what fun.  I love those machines.  We had a mountain shower for 10 minutes.  We all huddled under the shade tent as it poured around us.  But it was  good time to get a bite of food in.  

We also spent my Dads birthday together on the 5th. At This is the Place Park. They have done a great job creating a nice area.  

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Rachel said...

I love all your updates. thank you for posting all the photos! it is great to see your fun times with cousins :)