Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A few fun pictures

A few fun pictures... 
The last few weeks of pregnancy, I would go walk the hills at the park next to me.  I would talk on the phone or listen to something.  One time I looked down and laughed wondering ... where are my feet... this is all I saw!
Darren got to stay home with Abby one Sunday.  They both were enjoying a nice Sunday nap on the couch when I came home. 

The kids love to hold Abby.  They ask all the time. 

One day I was feeding Abby and Ella ran and got her baby along with highchair and bottle because she wanted to feed her baby too. 

Lots of cousins. Jordan, Tyler, Michael, Isaac
Ella, Beth, Tessa, Grace and Miles

Ella started soccer.  She LOVES it!  She has such a hard time waiting for it all day long. 
Ella reading to grandma Balls.  WITH HER LEGS CROSSED.  She is so cute. 
My moms birthday.  Renee made her a "cake".  It was a cantaloupe cut in half with all kinds of fruits toothpicked to it.  
At two weeks Abby was up 12% in weight.  Weight- 7.15  Height- 20.4" Head 14.1

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Rachel said...

yes, ella is a hoot with her legs crossed at 5yrs old. and thanks for posting the cantalouple cake. i hadn't heard about that. personally i prefer chocolate.