Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guernville and Tahoe

We enjoyed a nice walk through some beautiful Redwood trees as we were leaving the area. 
This is the oldest tree in the grove. 1400 years old.  its only 350+ feet tall, which wasn't quite the tallest.   Ella is trying to look up to the top of the tree. 

Then we headed over to Lake Tahoe. I wish we could have stayed in these places for a week each. But all we got was a short visit.  

Darren found a great mnt biking trail for us to try.  Ella has some strong little legs. She biked almost 7 miles. Tyler did almost 9.  Then we found FOOD!  I love food! 

Darren rented a paddleboard. The kids loved it. 

It was a little chilly so Ella wanted to lay on the rocks that were warm but also wanted to be one her soft towel. so rocks plus towel = warmth and cozy - I guess

This had to be the best trip we have ever been on.  It was so relaxed. We didn't have arguments or contention.  It was a fantastic trip!

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Rachel said...

i love your new family photo on the beach. glad this was such a lovely vacation :)