Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tyler's Train book

Tyler just finished a big project at school.  He and one other kindergartener did this project. 
I may not keep this book forever so I scanned it and put it on my blog so I will have it forever. 

Ms. Latoni his teacher wrote me this email. 

Tyler's book.  He did an amazing job!  He did research and selected a few different types of trains.  He wrote the story well.  Just enough detail and information on each one.  His drawings were terrific and the labeling was nicely done.  I made copies for our listening center. 

Next I will have him read the book to his classmates and the principal.  I will then have him record it for the listening center and his friends will be able to hear it and see it again.  I will then send his original home.  If there are other students that want to give it a try I will have them do the same. 

I think he really enjoyed it and I think he did a fabulous job!  

This is  a mail train. This is how they delivered the mail in the old days.  
This is a fast steam engine. This engine carries passenger cars. 

This is a diesel engine. It runs on diesel power. 
This is a high speed bullet train. It can go very fast. 

This is a really strong steam engine. It can carry a lot. 

This is a monorail. It does not have any wheels. 

This his story board.  Where he outlines prior to writing, all the topics he was going to cover. 
A few of the words in the pictures were written backwards for some reason. 
I love some of his spellings like

engine- enjn
carry- cere
high- hie
very- veree
station- stashun

I love his sounding out abilities. 

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Rachel said...

so awesome! i love trains. this is such a cool story book. way to go Tyler!
also, love the new family photo. cute little expression on Ella w/ dimple.