Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Friday, May 11, 2012

May brings sunny days

Here are a few things we have been doing. 

We cleaned up Tyler's room.  We have had legos spread everywhere for about 2 years now. and it is so nice to have them picked up.  Tyler has music he listens to while he builds.  Ella built her first toy.  It was a lightening McQueen car from Grandma Balls.  
Ella has been taking an art class.  She has to dress up for it.  
She made a crown to wear to show her teacher.  

We have enjoyed many walks and bike rides with friends.  Tyler loves little kids.  
This picture made me smile.  He wanted to help Penny walk.  

Also, Tyler is playing soccer.  He has made several goals.  

Our neighbor made Ella some shoes.  They are just cute little tops actually. 
So you can look like you have shoe on.  

We have spent lots of time reading, doing piano, making our yard look nice. 
I love sitting down and reading with the kids. While Tyler was reading to me about steam ships the other day Ella decided to read to her babies.  

Darren continues to train for his iron man race at the end of July.  Its a lot of hours.  
He also has his busiest time of year right now.  We don't see him much. 

I on the other hand am winding down on some of my training.  I have 100 mile bike race this Saturday and then my next one is in 3 weeks.  and 4 weeks after that I do another half marathon. 
We find out Monday if we made it in to the St. George marathon. Its not until October so I have time to ramp up the training again!  I have never wanted to run a marathon but I have so much fun running with my friends at 5:30 am, they convinced me I could do it. :)


Rachel said...

cute ella reading to her dolls.

Momballs@gmail.com said...

Love the pictues keep them coming.