Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our life this summer

I posted pictures earlier about the Tuesday night races we have been doing. They have been so much fun. Good to do but nice to have finished:)

Tyler is so fast and confident on a bike!
Darren won some money since he did so well on all the races.
Ella is just amazing.

Darren is on the right- money and plaque in hand- the money has already been spent.
The kids got a medal, a certifiate and "100 Grand".
Ella let me help her with her 100 Grand. It was cold up there. I forgot jackets. Ella is doing her shy face.... oh brother!


Lindsay said...

Oh my, Ella in that huge t-shirt is hilarious (and adorable.) :)
Seriosuly Amy, How cool is your family!! You should be a proud mama for sure. (and wife, way to go Darren!)

Jenny Allen said...

What fun! I love those pictures of them all in action!

Rachel said...

so cool Amy! this is great for them. their self confidence.