Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Balls Family get together

I am stealing these pictures off my sister in laws blog. Thanks Corie.

We had a great extended weekend at my parents cabin. We were missing just Aunt Nellie but we thought about you and talked about you all weekend.
If I were to detail what we did together. It would be --- RELAX!!! We sat around and visited.
Here are the three brothers-- I sure think the one on the left is awfully good looking!
We had some cake to celebrate Jackson and Tyler's upcoming birthday.
The Balls clan minus our super cool Aunt Nellie
My sister in law Whitney has two sisters who live here in Utah. Whit and Jason flew in from Florida Saturday. They meet up with her two sisters and caravanned up to the cabin. We loved having them. It made it all so good!
Cousin time was priceless!

Grandpa with Everett
Cleaning fun!
Birthday celebration
The playground
3 sisters. together.


Lindsay said...

Cute hair! It must have been SO long cause even with cutting it's still a nice shoulder length. Looks like a lot of fun with family!

Joni said...

I love your haircut!!!

The Crofts said...

Love the hair also. I would love to just see the cabin and what you have done to the place. I'm sure I wouldn't recognize most of it. Fun times!

Rachel said...

your hair looks very nice :)

PamNoyes said...

Love the hair miss Amy. Glad you guys had a fun relaxing weekend!