Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mid Week Mountain Bike Series

Darren has been racing every Tuesday night on his Mountain Bike. He is doing very well in his races. He is in the front here, with the white and red jersey on. This is at Solitude Ski resort.
The race series is great because kids get to race for free and for fun. This is Darren and Tyler taking a practice lap before Tyler's race.
Ella did a practice lap too.

The was last weeks race at Corner Canyon in Draper. Darren or Dallz as most friends call him, came in 3rd since the guy in front crashes a few seconds after this picture was taken. This made Dallz stop and therefore the guy in 3rd place won... darn it!

It was a crazy finish.
Tyler is the forth kid back here. With a blue and white jersey on. He started the season doing the easiest race but last week he competed with all the bigger kids doing 4 laps instead of 2. I am so proud of him!
Sadly, I still run with Ella when she races. See her cute red helmet. She is only 3 so her little legs have to spin a whole lot more than kids with big bikes.
Here's the crazy start. Tons of riders trying to get in front. Dallz is on the left.
Tyler --- after finishing his 4th lap!
Ella exhausted. But she did one full lap!
After the race the kids get popsicles and super great SWAG!!! ( free gifts ) The adults get great prizes too. I have new clothes Darren picked out for me. They have bikes, season passes, bike stuff... LOVE it!


pat balls said...

ella does look tired. How was mom? looks like family fun on tuesday nights. Go balls family

Lindsay said...

Look at those cute bikin' kids! I can't believe little Ella on hers, that is so cool. Eden can hardly pedal with training wheels on. Your kids are going to be pros! And good job Dallz!

Angenette said...

I love how you explain what SWAG is. haha

Rachel said...

wow. what a fun time. good job Dalls and Tyler and Ella! and mom for facilitating :)