Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

Grandma Balls had a birthday this year...

The Tour of Utah (a bike race) was happening. The kids got sunglasses passed out to them. Then sat in the 95 degree weather watching the racers go by.

See Tyler's head (and sunglasses) just barely poking around as the racers zoom by.
After the race we all went to Jonah and Everett's house. We had some pool time, trampoline time, you know... cousin time!
Good food, good company, and a very happy birthday to Grandma.


pat balls said...

such a fun day.

Lindsay said...

Cute! Oh, and come crash anytime, Amy!! Your comment made me happy. :)

Whitney B. said...

We can't wait to have cousin time!!!! One thing we are really looking forward to as a product of Jason's graduation more visits with family!
Jack loved to look at all the bike race pictures! Way to go Uncle Darren. Tyler and Ella look so big in their bike races, love it!

Corie said...

Thanks for working so hard to come help Nolan out at our house, Amy. Sorry to have to miss the party. I'm glad you guys had fun!