Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fred's Dirty Dash Birthday Bash

Our friend Katie is one of those super moms. If you want to know how to throw a party ask her!

Fred, her 4 year old son, had a Dirty Dash Birthday Bash. Katie made shirts that included a few cute mud spats on them. (more would be added later)
Here is the course. Run down hill, up and over see saw, jump through floaties, go through tunnel, over board, through tunnel again, then up the hill- end result- MUDDY KIDS!
The kids got timed for fun- it was great. Tyler didnt' want to do it at first but when Ella said she was going next, he said he would too.
through the tunnel
up the hill
Then the kids got to play in the Lehi river behind the house and jump on the tramp. Followed by good food to eat, and more playing in the mud... see Tyler go!
Super duper fun party!
We are glad Dan, Katie, Chloe, Stella, Fred and Clive moved back from Idaho!


The Crofts said...

Looks like you guys had a great summer! I loved to look at all the pictures you posted, you guys really did a lot of memorable activities.

Jenny Allen said...

that is completely amazing. completely opened my eyes up to how much cooler birthday parties could be.

Lindsay said...

Oh my heck! What a fun (and crazy) idea! And I mean crazy in a good way. :)