Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Seattle 2017

This trip was supposed to be a celebration for Darren and Rob turning 40... at least that was the excuse.  But really it was just a bunch of friends taking all their kids up to Whistler Canada to downhill bike.  We had a long but good drive up to Seattle.  I woke up really early to meet my friend Neti half way between Tacoma and Seattle.  It was a lovely carb overload... and a spectacular visit.

Rachel and Rob were amazing hosts.  Sometime in the night all our friends trickled in.  Their driveway was completely full of cars by morning.  Someone got more sleep then others.  Her house was filled with thousands of dollars of bikes.  

We were excited to see Ely and meet his new puppy.  He always comes to visit us so it was nice to visit him.  He let the kids sleep in his new bed.  Thanks buddy!  In the morning we walked down the Alki beach which is right next to their house.  Bikes on the beach with a little football.  Abby just liked how the sand felt on her face.  It was warm too!

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