Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Friday, June 23, 2017

June 2017

There were so many things that happened in June.  Such a fun crazy month.  These are all the pictures that didn’t fit into the other parts of our busy month.  

Dinner out with some friends.  Its so refreshing to get away and be a person sometimes!  (not just a mom that is always needed!)

The first picture is of our family 3 years ago.  (or was it two years ago?). Tyler had his first recital.  Then now with Ella!  They both performed wonderfully!  Lots of hard work!  We enjoy our teacher Marilyn Wilkinson! 

We went for a nice walk/hike up to Rocky mouth trailhead with the LaRivieres.  For a hot day it was just perfect.  I may have taken the kids up a steep ravine that took 4 times longer to get down! 

Darrens work had their annual leadership conference in SLC.  We assembled like 10,000 food kits for kids in Cambodia.  It was amazing what 500 people can do in 3 hours.  The girls and I went back to the hotel our last night and had a girls night.  Then we woke up and swam in the fun inside outside pool. 

We celebrated fathers day and Seths birthday all in one.  And the kids brought home a cute thing from primary for their dad.  (Abby loves to write letters.  The top line is her name and the number 4.  She forgot the Y)
Water fun with friends at the new splash pad in Bluffdale.  Water parties in the backyard.  Ice-cream in the backyard.  

Tyler got to play a special number at Grandma and Grandpa Harstons church.  It was fun to have Chads family there.  

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