Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 Midweek Mountain Bike Series

Tuesday nights from May until September are always busy for us.  
Darren killed it this year.  He took first place in his category- Sport 35 and older.  
At the first race the Draper City Rodeo Princess came to start of the series.  Ella ran to get Darrens phone so she could take a picture with Grace and her with a princess!!!

Darren is in the middle with the red SBR jersey. 

Ella is in the pink jersey. She started the season with a small bike with no gears and rocked it!  By the end we had her a new nice bike with lots of gears.  She loves how much easier it is too ride. 

Tyler is on the left with the red helmet.  He excelled so much this season.  He started with doing just one lap of the kids race.  By the end he was placing in the top 3 always and doing 2-3 laps.  

The last race of the season was great for me.  To look back to the first race with a 7 week old baby and then by September she was 5 months.  It was so much easier.  So much more fun.  Solitude hosts a great race.  Darren is on the podium standing in first place.  He had hoped to keep up his fitness and try to podium again during cycle cross season.  (Little did we know he would be hit by a car a few weeks later and now he isn't racing any time soon)

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Rachel said...

I love that your family is so active!!!!! I will look for something like this in our town.