Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Debate

 The Debate is on... who does Abby look like.  I think she looks like Abby.  But when I look at Tylers baby pictures- they do indeed look the same.
Tyler is a great brother.  He likes to have his personal time with Abby.  He likes to wake her up.  Hold her, talk to her.  and lift her up and move her around (as much as I let him anyway!)  He gets sad that he has to go to school and doesn't get to see her all day like Ella does. 

Ella is my food coach.  She reminds me frequently -- Mom do you want to be small?  
We made brownies the other day and were going to top them with icecream.  She reminded me I wanted to be small.  I told her I would just have a  little dessert then.  So guess what bowl she got out for me.  

She says things like- When is your belly going to be small again
Mom- How come your bigger than Dad.  
Mom- Dont forget if you want to be little, I better not share my treat with you. 

I LOVE IT!  It makes me laugh! 

We were at a bike race the other day and the Draper Rodeo Queen came.  Or as Ella understands it... the Horse Queen.  She ran to get Darrens camera so she and Grace could have a picture when the Horse Queen.  This picture is printed out and Ella carries it around telling everyone she has a picture with the Horse Queen.  

This picture needs no words.  well maybe... UGGGHHH!

Lazy Day Saturday.  Rain outside.. fort inside.  

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TnT Forever said...

Good to see the new posts and that the adjustment of having a new born is getting better. You are still supermom:)