Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Abby's Day

Abigail Marjorie Balls
Blessed May 5, 2013

We had a wonderful family dinner on Saturday night.  It was nice to get together and enjoy company on the night before.  
We had a little talent show after dinner.  Tyler played Somewhere over the Rainbow.  I wasn't prepared to play the accompaniment so my sister played it... thanks Candace!

Ella danced for her talent.  And the boys/husbands got to do their own special talent!

Sunday morning, the kids were so excited to dress up Abby in her blessing gown.  My neighbor, Sister Kathy Seely is amazing.  Abby was dressed to the nines!
I will add the blessing in here one day, but for now... it was beautiful.  Darren blessed her and gave her a name.  Those in the circle were: Dennis Harston, Seth Balls, Nolan, Balls, Jared Clark, Ben Beus, Steve Seely, Roger Beck and Doug Minnick.  

The dress was amazing.  

Even the onsie had ruffles on it!

We finally got to meet Marshall.  Marshall was born two weeks after Abby so between a new baby and surviving, this was our first meeting.  
Darren even had some bonding time with his brother.  How sweet!

I sure love my new little family!

Our Dear Heavenly Father- by the power of the Melchizedek Priesthood we take this infant in our arms to give her a name and a blessing and the name which she will be known upon the records of the church is Abigail Marjorie Balls.

Abby at this time we wish to give you a blessing.  We bless you with a healthy body. With strength to serve and to help those around you at all times.  We bless you to know that your service is discipleship of your Savior Jesus christ and that is how he lived his life. And as you do so, you will be blessed.

We bless you at this time Abby, that you will have a sound mind.  Bless you to always be able to stand for truth and righteousness, to be able to discern good from evil. To be a good example to your family and your peers. And to always do what you know is right and to have the courage to stand for righteousness.  We bless you with a desire to always continue to learn and grow. and a desire to always be seeking to be better. We bless you with a loving heart. That you will be able to touch those around you. and help them to see the happiness the gospel brings.

We bless you Abby that as you grow and mature you will have the desire to receive all those ordinances that our Father in Heaven has placed before us in this life and to be able to return to be with him.

We bless you with a sound mind and the desire to be a good example to all those you come in contact with. We bless you with all other things your Father in Heaven sees you stand in need off throughout your life. These things we pray and say in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.


Clark Family said...

Wow! Love it! Thanks

Whitney B. Balls said...

What a special day. She looked like a little angel. Cute to see the new babies together! I am getting excited to meet these babies finally!

Rachel said...

so pretty your new family photo. glad that Abby is doing so well. hang in there! how fun that she has a cousin just her age.