Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The last Saturday?

Ok - I really dont have any idea if this was our last Saturday before this baby comes, but I wanted to get prepared regardless!  I have 17 more days until my due date.  I have 2 more days until 38 weeks.  I haven't gone past 38 weeks.  So who knows. 

A couple fun picture of our Saturday. 
We stopped to return some things at my parents.  but ended up enjoying the evening with them.  We ate  dinner and took home some real treasures.  (A neighbor of my parents had just dropped of some stuff she thought my parents might want) ...Tyler loves his new pjs. 
My dad loves the new helmet.  He couldn't even hear us when he had it on:)
Ella thought the Elmo hat was awesome!

Saturday morning Ella and Tyler spent building Legos, Drawing and playing in their room. 
Darren was hiking/skinning up a mnt with friends and enjoying the powder coming down. 
I LOVED my morning. I baked, baked and baked some more.  
My freezer is looking more and more full. 
And I feel more and more confident we will eat ok when this baby arrives. 

Tyler made brownies from scratch that are divine!

When Darren came home with finished up some projects around the house. 
Our baby girls room is ready to go.  We have two outfits picked out to bring her home in. A neighbor gave us a cute pink carseat. 


I hope she comes out a girl, because her room has a whole lot of PINK in it!
Hopefully next post is about a baby girl named....
something other than baby girl!

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Steve and Jeanine said...

I hope all goes well and the way you want it to! Can't wait to hear the news of your new arrival!