Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I want to remember a few things about this pregnancy.  Attaching a picture for those who live far away... it will have to do since it seems a bit funny to ask someone to take a picture of me.

- We cant think of a name so I figure it must be a boy, and the ultra sound was wrong.  I love Hallie, Darren loves Olivia but call her Liv. We both like Kennedy, Hazel, and Kendyl.

- Heartburn is increasing.  I have tried oils and tums. They dont help. but I guess if I didn't eat three doughnuts in a row the heart burn might not be so bad.  (they were good doughnuts) But most foods give me heartburn

- I have tried to be active this pregnancy.  I did great at first, terrible in the middle, and now at the end all I am doing is walking to Tyler's school and back most days to get him.  So one mile 4 days a week is about all!

-  I am hoping to not gain over 30 lbs.  (but I sure believe it is ok to eat a bag of Cheetos here and there!)  Every appt the midwife measure me and my belly is right on.  If I am 35 weeks, I measure 35 cm.  I get lots of comments on how small I am.  I may not be able to bend over well, but I guess I am smaller.  Regardless, I look forward to hugging my husband without a belly in the way.

- I sleep ok at night.  I have a harder time breathing at night while laying down.  I am trying to sleep on my sides but I feel like I have been camping when I wake up.  My hips hurt!  (After 38 weeks not sleeping so good... hard time breathing, need to sleep propped up half the night)

- I feel good about this baby coming soon.  I have done projects around the house, got some meals in the freezer, got my food storage updated and organized, babies room is ready with diapers and wipes.  I feel good about all I have accomplished and know I have been able to do it only because I have Ella who is  4 year old in school 3 days a week, and Tyler who is 7 in school all day.  Two big kids make it easier!

The longest I have ever carried a baby is 38 weeks.  That date is 5 days away.  So when will this baby come?  Tyler said I should follow our family pattern.  He was 4 weeks early.  Ella two weeks early so this baby will come right on 40 weeks... 0 weeks early!  oh boy!  sure whatever!


Corie said...

You look great. And you are SO close! We are excited for you. Nolan and I have always loved the name Hallie and have always wanted to name a daughter that. But alas, no daughters over here. We are anticipating the news that baby girl is here! Good luck in the final days/weeks!

Joni said...

You look so great. Good luck with the name game. Such a hard choice. You can try apple cider vinegar for heart burn. It worked for me. I'm so excited for you. I wish you the best. Love you!

Rachel said...

i think you are totally ready for the baby to come. your blog is all up to date. and it sounds like you have prepared yourself well. we are sending our best wishes to you.