Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not sure what to do...

I have tons of great pictures I wanted to post of our wonderful thanksgiving weekend. But blogger.com says I have used my 1GB of free blogger space and if I want to post any more pictures I have to start paying for their website... its only 2.50$ a month but thats LAME!

So I dont know if I should change to a new blog or pay to keep using this one. 

SO for now, they let me upload these few pictures and more will have to come. 

We had a great weekend with the Balls family.  It was so nice.  Ella and Grandma made Indian Hats with the cousins. 
Tyler set the table and made a fun turkey centerpiece. 

We played outside. Went on a walk and a bike ride, played soccer. 

We did have an early Thanksgiving feast at my parents house.  These little girls are bound for trouble.  They run around like mischief already!

A good quote by Abe Lincoln- 
If you look for the bad in others expecting to find it... You surely will.  

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Rachel said...

i'll follow you to a new blog :) sorry to hear this one is full. its been great though! just post the new address here. love all the sunshine in your thanksgiving pictures!