Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's a ....

Its a cute little girl.  She is the size of an avocado.  

It is amazing to me what technology is out there.  We got to watch her in 3D and 4D live.  Like the top picture, moving around and sucking her thumb.  It was so real.  not just a black and white hard to see photo, but a real live little baby.  She was kicking away and moving like crazy.  I couldn't feel any of it, but she was going to town. 
It was so real and amazing to see her.  A sense of realness.  Not just a big growing tummy... but a cute little baby in there. 

You can see the little cavity where her heart was beating in the bottom picture. wow!

This next stuff is just so I can remember what it was like to be pregnant. 

So I was sick until 11 weeks.  I spent a lot of time laying on the couch and had to take a nap almost every day.  I struggled to eat, and most everything made my stomach sick and bloated. I felt like I had a cloud around my head and didn't think well.  The house was a mess all the time and I dinner only got ready sometimes. I pushed through exercise and kept very active.

From 11 weeks until 18 weeks, I continued to feel tired and still didn't feel like I could think straight.  I didn't exercise much during this time. My body was so fatigues all the time.  My midwife suggested I have more protein.  This helped a bit.

After 18 weeks, I felt pretty normal.  Growing belly, I finally gained some weight and really popped out at 18 weeks.  My climbing harness didn't fit after 19 weeks.  I haven't worn much maternity clothes yet.  I am trying to hold out. Back pain started pinching about week 18.

On a personal note- When the tech said we were going to have a girl, I was excited then the thought came to me, Now we have to have one more and it will be a boy.  I will leave it at that. And see how we feel about 4 kids.


The Morgans said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I love babies! Congratulations! I CANNOT wait to meet her.

J, K, and L said...

Yay! Girls are so fun. Congrats, Ames.

Ang said...

Wow, unreal!

Angenette said...

I need to see a picture of that belly, STAT!