Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tyler's soccer team

Tyler has a great coach for soccer. Paul is driven to be a good coach.
 Tyler is getting better and better each year.  

This year we lucked out- In addition to a pretty good team we got two new players after the first game. 
I put a picture of one of their dads down below... Santiago and David grew up playing soccer. And boy those boys can play.  If they kick it, it goes to the other end of the field.  If they make a goal they run around the field like they have seen their fathers do... hands up, number one on their finger, making the crowd cheer!
Tyler takes turns playing goalie. But he does pretty well.  He has blocked a few close calls!

 This is Santiago's father.  
Darren and Tyler went to a Real Soccer game last night and watched him score a goooooal!


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