Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ella loves to dance

Ella loves to dance.  She is constantly changing from one princess dress to another.  She is either getting ready for the ball or at the ball or needing music on for the ball.  

These two videos make me laugh. I loved to dance as a kid (and as an adult).  My friend teaches a free Zumba dance class once a week.  Ella dances for the full hour.  She starts with a princess gown on and then gets too hot.  
Then later on in the day we had our friends Kate and Hope over.  
They were all princess ballerinas.  Very cute.  
The other day I was getting gas at costco.  I filled up and got back in to drive away.
The car was dead.  
Two nice guys helped me push my car out of the long costco line.  
They helped me try to jump it, they helped me scrap away the currosion. But alas... nothing. 
Thankful we were close the the Subaru dealer who sent someone over with some big tools 
and got the car started.  
So we sat. 
for 3 hours at the dealership. 
This is my kids. 
We read books, drank several cups of hot cocoa, and ate even more bags of free popcorn.  


Rachel said...

totally awesome that Ella is so active!
weird about your car. hopefully all is fixed now.

pat balls said...

I think that zumba would be a lot more fun than riding and listing to books. Oh well it is off the computor and on the bike.

The Crofts said...

Ella take after here Mother "Dancing moves"

Jenny Allen said...

Gracey says Ella looks like a princess!