Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Monday, October 31, 2011

Our 2011 Fitness Challenge

My Dad, Mom and sister Jenny just finished a fitness challenge. We had to walk/run/exercise 2011 miles. So for the past 10 months we have kept track of our miles (you can look to the right of blog to see the link where we tracked our progress) We finished two month early- YIPPEE!!!

Here is our criteria:

2011 Fitness Challenge
1. walk, hiking, elliptical or run is one mile for every mile

2. biking is how ever long it takes you to run a mile equals one mile bike so I run a ten minute mile so ten minutes on the bike is one mile.

3. other fitness activities like lifting weights, aerobic videos/classes, swimming etc... those are 15 minutes = 1 mile towards your total

Our good friend's father just passed away. This was very emotional for me because it is one of our first close friends who is now fatherless. This challenge made me so happy to see my Dad doing good things. I need my Dad around for a very very long time (and my mom off course!)

Here's to being fit! It has been a great challenge!

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Angenette said...

Hooray for your family!