Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Washington Trip- Tacoma

We drove 8.5 hours to Tacoma Washington to stay with our friend Dan and Angenette (Neti) Call. They have three kids, once of which I hadn't met yet... Joseph. The kids love to play with Elena and Leah.

Staying with Neti was a great way to start the trip. We relaxed, played, ate good food because she is a great cook, and splurged on a few good treats for ourselves. We even got a good run in while the kids watched Smurfs at home with Dan.

Neti took us to an old train station. Tyler loves trains.

We got to see some fun glass art work by Dale Chihuly. When I was studying in Israel I got to view some of his art work in Old Jerusalem by David's Citadel. He has a huge bridge going to his museum which is filled with great art work. It was a great "museum trip" for us.

Elena who is 6 skipped school one day to go to the Zoo with us. We went to Point Defiance, which houses the zoo and a huge beautiful park. A highlight of the trip for sure!

I could see countless times on this trip the Lord watching out for us. We would pray as a little family to arrive safely at our destinations. We would also pray to keep a nice happy feeling in our car. But there were other times when I know we were being watched over and protected.

The only imperfection of the whole trip happened in Tacoma. And it was more funny than not. I accidentally turned on the heat at Neti's house. At about 12:30 AM she came downstairs. We were all dying of heat. We realized what I had done. The house was 83 degrees downstairs and felt 10 degrees hotter upstairs. Neti said she was glad we caught it then or they might have been cooked medium well by the morning!
On our last morning there we went to a lovely neighborhood park with a little lake in the middle. We rode around it three times, a mile each lap. I ran, the kids biked. It was a beautiful area. Washington is just so green and lush!


Angenette said...

Hooray for fun trips!

You're welcome here anytime!

Jessica said...

looks like a fun trip. They had a Chihuly art display in Boise for awhile and it is pretty cool to see.