Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Washington Trip- First stop Boise

We just got home from a two week vacation to the lovely state of Washington. We were gone a total for 12 days. Darren didn't get to come with us. This is his busy season right now. (His company is getting their yearly audit, he is in charge, he works long long hours = we go on vacation!)

Our first stop was Boise Idaho. 5.5 hours. The kids watched movies most of the way up. The drive was quick and exciting.

We stayed with the LaRiviere's- Other wise know as Dan and Katie's or Chloe and Stella's depending on who is talking.

Tyler was so excited to be there he woke up at 6:30 to play with everyone. so... he and I got on our shoes and he road his bike for 3 miles as I got a nice run in.

Then we came back and played.

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