Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Monday, May 23, 2011

Washington Trip - Spokane

Our last stop on our trip was to visits my little sister who just had a baby. I got the impression her house is the hub of the neighborhood. She has a box of toys inside her front door that the kids come in and get all the time. According to Tyler this is the "bike dock".
The drive took us 5 hours from Seattle. My AC was not working at this point and my check engine light came on for the entire 5 hours. The car was emitting a funny bad smell. I got it all checked out in Spokane and found that some fluid had leaked out causing the check engine light and smell... so they wiped up the fluid and done... they didn't even charge me. And the AC was easy to fix too. Super grateful!

We had hauled our bikes with us on the trip. So first thing first we had to get Isaac on his bike. We got his pedals off so he could just learn the art of balancing first. It was a delight to hear him say, at 7:30 in the morning ... can we go ride now?

Another one of the highlights of our trip was the nightly wrestling with Uncle Eric. The wrestling match started out with Eric kneeling on the floor saying something like... And in the middle of the ring Daddy Allen, world champion, weighing in at 150 pounds.... Then announcing the kids in a similar fashion. Then they came to the middle and started. There were so many smiles and laughs and tickling!
Four kid against one daddy! My oh My!
We also went downtown one day to a beautiful park. We had a nice picnic lunch and let the kids run around.

Here is baby Miles. He was so sweet. I love his shirt!
Our last day there was beautiful! We got in our swimsuits it was so warm.
It was warm, but that doesn't mean the water was warm. Would you go down the slide this way? Ella sure did! COLD!

Darren said in Utah is was raining and cold the whole week. Ella went sledding in the pool just for daddy.
I think we will have many more fun memories ahead... with all our cousins!
Tyler was feeling rather homesick on Thursday night. So instead of taking two days to get home (stopping in Boise again) I packed up the car late Thursday night, slept for 5 hours, then put the kids in the car at 4:30 AM and started the drive home. It was fantastic. The kids slept for half the trip home. We talked, sang songs, ate good food.

It was so fun to tell Darren as I drove home- "We will be home for Dinner tonight .. will you?"

A day early was so nice. The 10.5 hour drive went by so fast. The kids were wonderful. We loved our trip. It was all I had hoped it would be!


Whitney B. said...

How wonderful to be able to see so much of your family and friends. Looks like you guys had a awesome time. I bet you loved that your kids are old enough to take road trips like that and do so well.

The Crofts said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip to Washington! It's fun for the kids to get together with cousins that live far away.

PamNoyes said...

What fun! I am glad you had such a great time!