Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ella is 3

Ella got to share her birthday with Grandpa and Grandma Balls in Logan. Seth got put in as a Bishop for a Young Single Adult Ward.

Cousins Jonah and Everett were there too, along with their parents of course. Grandma bought Ella a princess umbrella but couldn't resist buying one for the other two happy boys.
Ella is all girl. She can change her princess dress faster than you can blink. She has her favorite three and rotates them quickly. Her cake was pink, had sprinkles, and was a castle. It didn't look amazing but she was as happy as could be.


Jenny Allen said...

Ella is such a pretty girl! I love that picture of her blowing out the candles.

Rachael said...

Too Cute. Wow three how fun. I am waiting for that stage. These toddler stages are tough.