Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2011

How did I get so old!

I have a child going into Kindergarten. Registration is tomorrow! Where did the time go.

Tyler had to get his kindergarten shots. He said ouch and ouch. That was it. He is a gem.

What needs to pointed out on the below paper is that he has good vision. Darren and I were both blind as bats, that is until we both got lasik (the best spent money ever!)

I held my breath as they tested his vision--relieved and happy to see that for now he is safe from glasses.
Last night I was exhausted. Darren is working long hours again, and we are only at the beginning of this long two month audit season. Darren had 5 minutes with us before he had to go to some meetings. He asked the kids to be good helpers and get into bed easy tonight. I was just so tired.

1 minute later Tyler runs back down the stairs with his jammies on, teeth brushed and proceeded to empty the whole dishwasher himself.

As I slipped into bed I said a very sincere prayer to thank Heavenly Father for a son who is so sweet, caring and takes care of his mom every day!

Tyler wrote down these words to one of his favorite songs the other day in church.

Families Can Be Together Forever


pat balls said...

Tyler is just like his dad. When Seth left for the Navy he would tell him to help me and when he could see I reached the end of my rope he would jump in and get the kids to help. Some days you wonder why then you remember why!

k8theriver said...

The little dude knows how to spell 'through'

Corie said...

That song Tyler wrote is probably one of those mom things you will cherish forever. So sweet. You are such a good mom and are teaching him all these wonderful things that will give him the foundation for a lifetime of testimony. I have lots to learn from you!

Angenette said...

So sweet a post.

Clark Family said...

I didn't get glasses till 3rd grade I think . I wonder about my kids too, although Jared has good eyesight. I do need to glean some parenting skills from you this summer..