Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life is good

My life has been action packed lately.
For the most part, things are smooth and good.
But there are those occasionally rough days/hours.

I have been noticing other people this last week.
Looking into their eyes, trying to put myself in their shoes.

My gratitude is overflowing for a husband who works hard to provide
- the chance for me to stay home with my kids every day
- the comforts and necessities of life
- good food for us to eat
- a good balance of fun, excitement, outdoors
- but then still quiet family time and walks around the neighborhood

We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

I wish the same happiness I feel to those I love.

No one can make you happy or unhappy-
We all determine what our attitude on life will be.


Courtney said...

congrats!!! double digits, that's awesome!!!!

Lindsay said...

Sweet post. :)
Happy Anniversary!!!

Corie said...

What a great post full of good insights. You are such a good person, Amy. Congrats to you and Darren on 10 years! Let us know when we can watch your kids while you have a little (or big!) getaway!