Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Thursday, May 31, 2018

May 2018

A few highlights from May...
Achievement Day Cupcake Wars.  Ella wanted Grandma Harston to help her.  They did Minion and emoji cupcakes. 

We went to a play cousin Grace was in.  Abby and Ella decided to stuff sand into their clothes.  Abby likes to play the piano.  She puts her book up there and plays and plays.  

Darren built a bike rack for 10 bikes. Super proud of his skills.  Tyler and Darren have been riding a lot.  So proud of Tyler as he pushes himself to do hard things.

Abby had an end of year program.  We have loved Kinder Prep Academy.  She learned French, art, reading, and music which included piano. Another special moment was seeing Darren and Ella reading a book together before bed.  

 I loved Mothers Day.  It was so fun and relaxing.  I enjoy quiet moments and a good nap.  I have been helping the Young Women learn to climb and rappel.  It is so amazing to see them learning and gettting more confident.

 Darren took the kids to Logan for a weekend.  I was gone to Moab for a mothers day weekend.  Besides all the rain they had a good time.  I am glad they got out in between the rain.

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