Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Moab Get away weekend w/ friends

We spent two days with friends down in Moab.  I really enjoy my neighborhood.  There are so many good people in it.  After climbing some fun towers with our outdoor friends we had two more days with ward friends.  We got to stay in a beautiful condo and drive some fun razors.  Over bumps.  Down and up really steep rocks.  It was a new adventure. 

The husbands all went out for a night ride. The wives enjoyed oreos and sitting cozy , talking at the condo.  

We stayed up late hot tubbing and talking.  Slept for a few hours And then woke up super early to hike to delicate arch for the sunrise.  Hiking in the dark, watching for carines is tricky.  But we made it just in time to realize that there was too much cloud cover and we wouldn't see a sunrise. But it was beautiful.  

We headed out for a bike ride.  And we ran into our bike shop friends therefor andys 40th.  We rode some great trails. My chain fell off at one point. So glad Darren was there.  Close by.

Then one last razor ride.  We 4 wheeled it to the top of a plateau.  What a view.  Great people.  Great weekend. 

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