Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Thursday, September 5, 2013

2nd Grade and Kindergarten

School Year 2013-2014
Silver Mesa Elementary

I was so excited for school to start.  Less crazy running around.  More routine.  
We walked to school.  Ella rode her bike.  Kindergarten didn't start until a week later.  
Darren came home from work the first day of Kindergarten.  He said he wanted to take his baby girl to school.  Ella reminded him that Abby is his new baby girl and she is a big girl.  She was so excited.  

After school we had an eye appointment.  Between Darren and I being totally blind before our lasik surgery we knew our kids would need glasses soon, but I wasn't ready for how soon.  Tyler is ok... he will probably need them by 4th grade.  But Ella wont make it so long.  She will need to be checked again in 6 months. Then checked again in a year.   The eye doctor said to plan on glasses by 1st grade.  For now, the kids loved trying on glasses.  (Ella picked ones with diamonds on the sides) They thought it was so fun.  It wont be so fun when they have to wear them every day.  And they cant get Lasik until they are 19.  It will be their graduation gift from us to them.  (since we gave them poor eye sight genes!!!)


Rachel said...

cute! love the first day of school pics. darren is a good dad!

PamNoyes said...

Wow, that girl is stylin'! You have such a sweet family.