Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Friday, January 25, 2013

A nice slow January

We haven't done much, And I am loving it. 
My energy comes and goes. And the belly grows!

We went to Ogden the other day and saw an old college friend, Rachael Kent Willis.  
Great times.  My kids really enjoyed the treehouse museum. 
Tyler loved the astronaut dress up and Ella wanted to look tuff!
Tyler is quite musical.  He is playing the piano so well.  He enjoys it most days, and on the occasional day he doesn't really want to sit and do it, he still does and then drives himself to practice and do it perfectly.  He really enjoyed the musical drums at the Museum. 

Ella has been learning to read. But her attention and desire wained on some days so I told her if she read 20 books we would go iceskating.  I sat on the side lines and read my hypnobirthing book.  (Only 5 weeks to go so I better read up) Tyler started off skating nice and slow but told me not to worry, by the end of the skating session he would be going fast, and he was.  He knows practice helps you get better.  Ella held on to her Daddy most of the time, but by the end was amazing.  She is really a natural athlete.  Competitive and never wants to stop.  

Ella is my little helper at home.  I am treasuring these last few days we have alone.  She helps me cook, clean, and do jobs. But also enjoys her time to create art work, play pretend dolls, or this masterpiece.  She opened the oven and made a fort for her dolls.  

Saturdays have been rather slow here.  I am still surprised when we dont have somewhere to run every weekend.  Darren went hiking/touring the other day with our friend Angela Isaacs.  They hiked up the mnt and skied down.  They said it was warm, sunny and peaceful.  In the valley we were cold, covered in smog and no sun.  

My sister Rachel also gave us some great family time Christmas gifts.  One was a making a volcano.  We made it out of plaster, painted it, and finally let it explode.  It was quite entertaining for the night.  

On January 24th, we had an freezing rain.  Maybe called an ice storm.  Every where you walked was a solid sheet of ice.  I, unfortunately, slipped with my big pregnant belly on that sheet of ice.  I felt like I was ok, but needed peace of mind and the assurance that the placenta hadn't detached from  me.  My mom took me to Labor and Delivery and kept my mind off the scary situation.  They released me after two hours and I got to go home.  Grateful to sleep that night feel calm.  I did wake up this morning with a sore back and an aching shoulder, just where I had landed.  But I will take that soreness any day.  I am grateful our little girl is safe.  I plan to see her in 5 weeks, not now!

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Rachel said...

oh sorry that you fell! i'm glad you are better already. we loved the volcano eruption!