Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ella ... my big girl

Ella loves her new Primary church class.  It just so happens that "her" Zumba dance instructor is her primary teacher also.  Tyler really enjoyed the Zumba class too. 
Tyler is so busy inventing things in his room with his Legos, most of my pictures are of Ella.  
But wow.  He is so creative.  Today he made a train with train tracks, and a conveyer belt that loads pieces into the train -... then the train is a side dumper so it can dump them out the side. 

Here Ella is helping me peel sweet potatoes.  She loves to help me in the kitchen. I figure the mess will get smaller in time ... right?
Tonight we had family dinner at my parents house.  A sweet memory of my father will always be of him playing guitar.  Here the kids get to play along with him.  

...And they danced as he played.  Ella and Jordan are good little friend cousins. 
I laughed when I pulled up to my friend Shannon's house.  Ella loved driving this CAT.  

 And when she got it stuck she picked it up and shifted it over.  She is one tough little girl.
 Well... this is daddy bonding time.  Darren is teaching her how to pop a wheelie.  (Like she really needs to be taught how to crack her head open... I think she will do that on her own one day)


Jenny Allen said...

Love the post. :)

Rachel said...

agree with jenny, good post!

Corie said...

I loved the videos! Your kids are so darling - so much the same, and yet so different at the same time. I love seeing Ella's determined personality and Tyler's focus & concentration. You are raising some wonderful kids, Amy! (Hey, Ella's bangs are getting a little longer. Haha.)

Jenny Allen said...

Ella has seriously got some moves. Dang! I love that she is one strong determined little woman.