Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nothing but a whole bunch of TROUBLE!

Thanks to my iPhone I seem to catch a few more of those humorous Ella moments.

My mom just gave me some boots that don't fit her.
Ella LOVES them!
She takes them out of my closet and runs to a hiding place so she can get them on quick.
Grandpa Harston is taking us to Disney on Ice.
To prepare we are watching movies and reading books about all the
characters that will be in this years show.
Ella watched the preview of the show on the computer over and over and OVER again.
She ran to put on her princess dress so she could spin like they did on the screen.
Darren and I have been riding the bike trainer in our basement. Things were a little too quiet in the basement so I went down to check it out.
Ella has on one of her princess skirts. (more of a mini skirt when riding a bike!) Both of her feet (on the bottoms) had black grease on them from where she stepped on to the bike chain when she climbed up.
Ella is growing - physically and mentally.
If she wants something, she figures out a way to do it.
Like this light switch. It's just a little too tall.
So get the ruler out of the closet and turn it on.


Lindsay said...

She seems like tons of fun. You guys will love Disney on Ice...we just went here. It's so fun to plan things like that for the kids, huh. You're a good mom getting her all ready and prepared ahead of time. :)

Whitney B. said...

That Ella is too cute! We love the picture of her in the boots. So stylish and what a pose! I love Disney on Ice you guys will have a good time and it will give you a little taste of what you could have if you come visit us!!!!!

Rachael said...

That's awesome, love the boots!