Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Moab- Summer 2019

A quick trip to Moab at the end of July.  Its hot in Moab in July so we did a lot of things early and a lot of things in the water.

Moab.  Drive down Thursday 

Friday. D/T early bike ride. Then take the whole group down Entrajo canyon. So fun to see all the kids learning to rappel.  We stopped at Faux falls on the way home to cool off. The kids played in the Pool. Then we headed to the river to Raft and Paddle Board. We left kids at the condo and the adults went out for a yummy Mexican dinner 

Saturday. Family bike ride at dead horse point. I took a Nap while Darren and Kevin went out for a run in the rain.  Then back to the river for a Longer rafting trip.  Brit got stuck in an eddy which was scary.  Adults headed out for some yummy Thai food.

Sunday. Sleep in. We enjoyed a nice Sacrament meeting. Then since it was too got in the valley we drove the razors up the La Sal mountains. We checked out Pleiades canyon but couldn't drop in since there was too much water for kids and adults.  We will come back next time with wetsuits! 

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