Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Monday, April 30, 2018

April 2018

April was a beautiful month.  It was slow paced.  We got in a few family walks/hikes.  The kids and I went to see the Jordan River open house.  The Allens and Balls went to the cabin for a few days.  Each day we had a little adventure.  I remembered the photo of my mom and Ronda walking down the lane as Grace and Ella walked down the lane.  I got to sit and do a puzzle for hours.  I loved it.  Nolan and Cories boys joined us.  

Ella climbed her first 10B with no problem.  She is such a strong athlete.  We took Grace with us to one of Ellas competitions.  In between the hours of wait time we went to the treehouse museum.  The girls had a great time running around . It was the state championships for tumbling and tramp.  Ella got 2 first places and a 5 place.  So exciting to see her fly... literally!

Darren and Tyler started ridding a lot.  They got some good gear and headed out to the trails.  Tyler was on the Roulear team for spring training.  The Outlaw team for spring/summer/fall training. And the DPMS team for summer/fall.  

We went to see Tuck Everlasting with Grandpa.  We had a great lunch with our travel buddies that we went to China with.  Vy brought a long two friends from out of town. One of the guys just had a movie made about him... Lion.  Wow.  

A couple fun family things.  Climbing with Mia and Zoe.  Iceskating since the girls read so many books.  Climbing with the Young Women at Momentum.

We headed up to Red Rocks to play a day away.  Lots of fun rappelling.  Climbing and Lead Climbing.  Tylers first lead.  Ella first rappel.  I could not be more happy.  Tyler left early to go do a day of service with his Outlaw team.  They worked on a new bike trail.

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