Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Saturday, March 17, 2018

China- Great Wall of China Day 2

Vy was in charge of Beijing.  This was the highlight.  We found some breakfast on the street.  Then we drove three hours away from downtown Beijing to escape the crowds and go somewhere off the regular path.  We hiked for a few hours on the restored wall, then we got to go on the part of wall that has not been restored.  

Jinshangling Great wall Scenic Area.  130 kilometers away from Beijing.  Its construction was under the command the Ming dynasty.  This area was the most valuable part of the great wall.  This section goes 10.5 kilometers.  It has 9 passes.  67 defense towers. 3 beacon towers.  
The wall was amazing.  So surreal to be walking on it.  And it just went on and on off into the clouds.  So many stairs, so steep.  Darren and I raced up on section- of course he won. 

We were all famished by the time we made it back to Beijing.  We wanted Peking Duck for the experience but didn't have time.  We had Korean BBQ.  We had to tease Steve because he ate veggies and fruit and we were all too scared to get diarrhea. We came, we ate, we conquered.  Then hurried off to the airport to fly to Guilin.  3 hour flight south of Beijing. 

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